About Us

We are a team of highly skilled and dedicated IT Professionals who understand your computer being out of action can be highly disruptive not only to you, but your family / friends and your work.

You know it’s going to be a bad day when you go to switch on your computer or laptop to find that it’s not working, or any tech device for that matter.

Modern computers are complex machines – they need to be able to work not only as a simple word processor but also able to play the latest computer games, allow you to surf the internet or to watch downloaded movies – sometimes all at the same time! The variety of components and software needed to enable this multimedia experience means that occasionally things can (and do) go wrong, and it’s not always clear what has happened.

We aim to minimize the downtime suffered by your tech being out of action, our team of highly skilled local engineers will quickly troubleshoot the issue and let you know all the options available to rectify the problem. All of our advice is free and will will not charge you for a call out to diagnose the issue. If you want a second opinion on anything computing related, please contact us!

Computers rant the only piece of technology we can fix in a hurry, we support CCTV Systems, iPads / iPhones / Tablets.